Like a brother

Things that break my heart that I never noticed before:

In that bottom gif, Cas looks as though that was the last thing he ever expected to hear.

#because Sam is Dean’s brother and Cas *knows* what that means as few other people if any would ever understand #he speaks Dean’s language (or used to) #Sam is the most important person in Dean’s life #he is *everything* to Dean #that’s what being one of Dean’s brothers *is* #and I’m sure Cas is aware in some way that Dean cares about him#but #on the level of a brother? #him? #he never expected it because there was never anything to suggest it #and that breaks my heart.

Just at the beginning of the episode, Cas said, “I still considered myself the Winchesters’ guardian.” Guardian. Not friend. And could you blame him? When, in the entire sixth season, was Dean using him to help them, never saying thanks, and then letting him to back to his own problems? “Your problems come first.” Castiel never thought he was their friend, just their protector, and honestly… their actions didn’t really give him reason to think otherwise. But god, did he care so much for these boys. This gif shows just how much that simple admission of ‘you’re my friend’ would mean to him. He’s just… in disbelief. After all this time, Dean thought Cas was his friend? More than that - like his brother?

Fuck, it means so much to him to have his feelings reciprocated. And then, after finally coming to terms with the fact that Dean thinks they are friends, he realizes that it isn’t true. If Dean was his friend, he would have trusted him, after everything he’s given for him. Maybe Dean only said this to try and convince him to stop working with Crowley, maybe Dean is manipulating him.

So maybe they aren’t friends after all.

And he snaps.

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2 years ago

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    "he realizes that it isn’t true." Or maybe it was. But maybe Cas thought that Dean didn’t mean he was a brother like...
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    Castiel got Brozoned!
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